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Who we serve

Honestly, we do not feel the need to identify people by separating demographics.

We serve you.

we have no discriminating lines that would make us want to list who we serve.

We don't care what shade of skin you have. That only means that you look like one of us.

Your sexual preference is none of our business.  You matter - period.

We do care if you are disabled, and will help you when you reach out.

We do care that you are spending too much time just trying to survive.

Actually, we genuinely care about all of you because you are more than a vote & victory.

We don't care to compete with the other political parties.

We care that your voice is being heard, that your concerns are being addressed, and that your family is thriving because your family is our family and we come from parts of your community.

We are just as ready for change as you are.

Voting for us, is like voting for yourself.

We listen, strategize, and build solutions.

We are the Aloha ʻĀina Party.

We are here to help you.

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