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Aloha ʻĀina Party

Ua mau ka ea o ka ʻāina i ka pono

The sovereignty of the land is perpetuated in righteousness

What we stand for

All people have a history. All people have evolved throughout time, from an origin that was one with its environment and was perpetual toward a better life for future generations. Through diversification after colonization, people learned to appreciate diversity when it is available. We learned that governance is necessary as populations grow. During Covid, we learned to value life over capitalism, to appreciate the common unity among us, and to be accountable for our own actions because what we choose to do can either benefit or hurt our families.

In 2022, many views have changed although the systemic two-party system has not. In the systemic two-party routine, a voter can either choose the left wing or the right wing of the exact same bird - hoping for the lesser of two evils to succeed, with the same miserable outcome every single time. 2022 is the year that we can change all of that by selecting leadership over management. Let the votes of the people find faith in voting for candidates with sustenance - with character, diversity, and who is in accordance with the voice of people that pay taxes for decent governance.

Your vote should not be subject to social pressure. Your vote means more than winning a popularity contest over emotional tugging. Your vote means that you have the means and ability to decide what's best for you. You shouldn't have to vote, then go stand on the side of the road to protest matters that harm your health, environment, or to simply assert your basic human rights to the pursuit of happiness.

Your representation should be aware of what concerns the people and be effectively taking action to provide solutions. Your representation should be taking in account what the voice of the people needs. Your representation should actually represent you.

Aloha ʻĀina means to love that which sustains us.

People need security - social security, housing security, and financial security. People need living wages that increase when the cost of living increases. Small businesses need to survive in order for the community to thrive. Our economy should be in a position that helps the people. For the last 60 years, productivity has risen by 294% yet wages have barely increased - a statistic that alarms both economists and statisticians. Who has been representing your family for the last 60 years in governance? What have they done to achieve solutions? Have they truly represented what's important to you?

Our environment is where all of our food grows and for those who live in the city, greater concerns lie with pollution that impacts you and your loved ones. Our environment plays an enormous role in how our children grow up, their hopes, dreams, and aspirations, as well as shaping the choices that they make. The climate crisis is affecting everything from the impacts of UV rays, to respiratory conditions, and the amount of spontaneous storms that shock whole regions of people, leaving survivors to mourn and starve simultaneously.

While Republicans fight to feed capitalism, and Democrats fight to feed the social machine, the Aloha ʻĀina Party bypasses the fight to focus on solutions. At the heart of the matter, we need more than a fight. We need all hands on deck to develop legislation that is consistent with the solutions that will build solid foundations that honor each of our unique histories, that respects our current state of existence, and that strengthens our Childers's futures. We are a people. We have a history, an identity, a cause, and a goal. Let us come together for Election year 2022 and bring solutions that matter to the table.


We are in a new era where we must think about our present & future.

The days of politics are over.

join us as we turn a new leaf with environmentally sustainable governance.

The world will turn to Hawaiʻi as they search for world peace because Hawaiʻi has the key...

...and that key is aloha.

Nationally Recognized & Building Together

Established in local, state and federal capacities, the Aloha ʻĀina Party continues to strive for excellence in equality, sustainability and socioeconomic justice.  Fostering common unity with globally professional organizations, we believe that we can achieve a 100% return on investment of a future that is balanced with the resources that sustain us.

 Grow with us. Join a party that aligns with you. Leadership opportunities are available.

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